There is no doubt that AI will massively transform all industries. Just as software disrupted the world during the first digital revolution, AI is now drastically influencing both the public and private sectors. This exponential change is forcing governments and companies to participate in a global AI gold rush.

Healthcare industry is not an exception: in the near future, it is going to be one of the central industries for AI amplification. Healthcare institutions worldwide are dealing with a drastic increase in data which they need to process and manage. AI can also be used in radiology, pathology, pharmaceutical industry, drug testing, robotics, and much more.

To fight COVID19 pandemic there should be an organized effort to galvanize AI experts and researchers to action.

AI’s rapid development also poses major challenges. Some remaining key hurdles to AI implementation in Healthcare:

  • access to academic research and talent
  • quality of data
  • algorithm biases
  • ethical concerns
  • valley of death: a gap in funding on the way of a technology development


STEMM MIT Online Healthcare in AI Summit

Covering the most relevant topics of AI in healthcare and the ways how AI is used during the pandemic — the STEMM Healthcare AI Summit is held online and streamed from the very heart of MIT, the university’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The summit is a highly curated program. It’s ONLINE and streaming is FREE to attend.

The Summit program includes:

  • Keynote speeches from the top AI experts
  • Talks and roundtables with leaders from Academia and Industry, providing a clear actionable report
  • Poster Sessions (>1000 presentations)
  • Student Elevator Pitch
  • Online Startup Expo