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RMS Workshops: flowcytometryUK 2021 formerly One Day flowcytometryUK | 17-18 November 2021

The flowcytometryUK 2021 Meeting will take place virtually and will highlight the diverse areas in which cytometry is a vital resource. There will be scientific presentations from a number of speakers covering immunology, marine biology, extracellular vesicles and other important research areas. Talks will be interspersed with commercial flash presentations. Virtual sponsors will allow delegates to have access to information on recent developments in the field. In addition to this there will be two company workshops running each morning, between 1030 – 1130 and 1200 – 1300. To view the titles and presenters of these workshops, please click on the workshops tab above.


Scientific Organisers

Derek Davies

Flow Cytometry Section Vice Chair

The Francis Crick Institute
Derek is the National Science Technology Platform (STP) Training Lead at the Francis Crick Institute in London where his role is to develop Educational and Training courses to support Biomedical Research in the UK and beyond. He co-organises the section’s annual flow cytometry course at the University of York and is active in promotion of cytometry via focussed meetings and other courses. He is one of the principal organisers of the flowcytometryUK biennial meeting and also the Advances in Cytometry Meeting. Derek is particularly keen to promote cytometry education within the UK and beyond.

Dr Rachael Walker

Babraham Institute
Rachael is the Head of Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Babraham Institute, Cambridge. The core provides a service to Babraham Institute and biotech companies that are housed on the Babraham Research Campus. She is also very involved with the flow cytometry community, on a local, national and International level. Rachael is one of the principle organisers of the flowcytometryUK biennial meeting and also the Advances in Cytometry meeting.
Rachael has been awarded an ‘Emerging Leader ‘ scholarship from the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).




Nov 17 - 18


All Day