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AI for People! Webinar Series – Wanna Play a Game? Towards Data Collection and Analysis in eSprots



Andrey Somov


An all-time parent pet peeve, computer games have evolved into a thriving multi-billion-dollar industry and an officially recognized sports discipline. Hundreds of millions of eSports players around the world are striving for prizes that exceed prize pools in conventional sports.

Think twice before you chastise your children for spending all their free time playing computer games, as the skills they acquire in virtual battles may become another source of pocket money and a valuable asset in their adult life. Both eSports and traditional sports are about experience and the ability to act quickly and work in a team. Assistant Professor at Skoltech, Andrey Somov, will explain how small-time gamers can grow into professional e-athletes thanks to artificial intelligence and sensors.

Live Stream at 7 pm GMT, May 13th starts here:


May 13 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm