STEMM Labs: Research Hub

From Smart Materials
to Smart Things

From fundamental research and
development of new nanomaterials,
to industial implementation and testing

Design of and Fundamental Research on Nanomaterials

Development of Fabrication and Synthesis Processes

Testing and Characterisation in Lab and Industrial Fab Environments

Road to Commercialisation and Implementation in the Market

STEMM Laboratory

From Smart Materials
to Smart Things

Smart Nanomaterials Lab

Development of new multifunctional materials for application in flexible and liquid electronics, smart coatings, E-textile, and building materials

Opto-electronic Systems Lab

System level integration of nanomaterials into CMOS photonics devices, and engineering of thin film flexible devices for communications, computations, energy harvesting and sensing.

ML and AI Lab

From development of high accuracy computational calculations to integration of ML and Al into the real world ecosystem of fintech, healthcare and communications.