SPb-POEM response to COVID-19

Online Poster Session @SPBPOEM

(27-30 April 2020)

The Virtual Poster Sessions will start on the first day of the conference – during the morning of April 27, 2020, and it will continue throughout all days of the conference.

It will be held in two online formats:

  • Online streaming during the poster session in the programme.
  • Virtual poster session on @SPbPOEM Twitter, where Q&A session will take place.
1. Submit Abstract before April 20th

Programme Committee reviews your abstract and makes decision within 2 days

2. Complete registration

Once your abstract is approved, no later than April 23rd, 2020

3. Submit the virtual poster

Presentation documents in accordance with Guidelines, no later than April 25th, 2020

4. Get ready

Prepare to actively reply to questions and enjoy establishing scientific contacts!

No Pandemic should restrain scientific and technological progress

This is why SPb-POEM has developed and integrated the 1st Online Poster Sessions into the 4 day conference programme to provide the opportunity for early-career researchers to promote their research findings, communicate with research collaborators and to establish new connections in academia and business.


Here is a summary of what to send us when you have received notification of acceptance for your Online Poster Presentation

1. Prepare four slides presentation in power point using the template [hyperlink to uploaded file]. This template has the correct aspect ratios and font sizes, so presentations are only accepted in this format.
To clearly explain your work to a broad technical audience, we recommend the following content for the four slides (as indicated in the powerpoint template):

  • Slide 1: Title, author list, affiliation, abstract, and any related references
  • Slide 2: Background or motivation to your approach
  • Slide 3: Method or techniques
  • Slide 4: Results and conclusions

2. Prepare four poster images from four power point slides. Save them as PNG files by exporting the slides as an image. The location of this option varies by the powerpoint version. You will need to select the “Save Every Slide” option and set the width to 864 pixels or larger.

Important: Please name poster images in accordance with slide number.

3. Record video presentation of your 4 slides powerpoint in the format of 1 min elevator pitch.

When finished, choose File > Export > MP4 and name your file after your surname (for example: Faneca.mp4).

4. Please upload your files to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and send a download link to: [email protected].

Files uploaded after April 25th, 2020 are not accepted.