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STEMM Summits are dedicated to the promoting science and knowledge exchange around Emerging Technologies.

Emerging Technologies
For the Real World Applications:

Construction and Building

Medicine and Pharma


Smart Electronics


Fashion and Textile

Smart Decor – Home

Green Energy


Sport Products

It is an excellent platform for experts in Academia and Industry to build up national and international collaborative networks, exchange experiences, and benefit from peer support.


From fundamental research and engineering to development of new technologies, their industrial implementation and integration to the market.

Social and networking

- Touristique activities and attractions
- Dancing
- Bars
- Gala dinner
- Wine tasting
and more..


Meet representatives from Industry and learn about recent R&D advances, and market needs for the Next Generation Technologies.

Smart NanoMaterials: Advances, Innovation and Applications

The STEMM Smart Nanomaterials (SNAIA) Conference Series is a unique, established science-to-technology networking platform covering the most exciting emerging fields in smart technologies. It gives the opportunity to present to, share knowledge with, and establish links between leading experts from academia and industry.

AI for People Summits

The STEMM AI Summits series is a highly curated programme focused on future AI applications, and the ways AI is already used today. We are questioning how far are we from the “AI for People World”? .
Points of discussion include but limited to AI and ML enabled robotics, diagnostics and treatments, data gathering and management, ethics, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research developments to help face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials

POEM Conference Series focused on cutting edge Materials development for Industrial Applications in:

Energy harvesting

Green energy
Security & Defence