Who can apply

  • You must be a member of the STEMM Global
  • The conference you wish to attend must be in STEMM fields
  • Your talk should be accepted for presentation by the conference program committee

How much you can apply for

  • You can apply for up to £300 to cover registration fee/travel and accommodation to attend one conference
  • We will usually cover only part of the expense of attending a conference
  • This funding is intended to supplement funding from other sources

We will consider funding for international events organised by the STEMM Global as well as by other established institutions.

How to apply

The STEMM Global Conference Travel Fund applications are considered on a quarterly basis after each of the following deadlines. Please submit your application before:

  • 1 July
  • 1 October
  • 1 January
  • 1 April

Download an application form  and email it to [email protected]

Your application must be submitted by the deadline that is at least three months before the conference you plan to attend. For example, for an event taking place in July, your application should reach us by 1 March.

We will make a decision within eight weeks of each closing date. If you do not hear from us after eight weeks, please do get in touch.

We ask you to acknowledge STEMM Global support in your presentation and conference proceeding if any, as well as send us a report after the event. Grants are only made when the report has been received.

More information

Email: [email protected]