STEMM Global Scientific Community

STEMM Global Scientific Community was founded by young scientists and entrepreneurs Dr Anna Baldycheva and Dr Kate Berseneva in 2020, with a strong focus to enhance the promotion of recent developments in science and technology to academia, industry, and the general public; and devoted to boosting science-to-industry collaboration through its established membership program.

STEMM Global Scientific community – a unique collaboration platform which bridges between Fundamental Science and Real World applications.

STEMM Global aims to connect communities in Science and Industry together with general public to face challenges of the future! The members of the community are driven by one mutual goal: to improve lives and bring new technologies to the next generation.

Prof Anna Baldycheva

Co-founder STEMM Global

Prof. Anna Baldycheva is a head of the STEMM Labs Research Hub , and a co-founder of STEMM Global Scientific Society. She has a wealth of more than 15 years of experience conducting top-class R&D in emerging technologies and providing tech consulting while working at world-recognized research institutions like MIT, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Exeter. 

Prof Anna Baldycheva is also a co-founder of a number of successful start-ups in different technological and business sectors. She has over 100 scientific publications, plenary and invited talks to date. She is a Fellow of the Royal Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society.  Prof Baldycheva is an editor of the Nature Scientific Reports and Nanoscale Research Letters journals and is an executive chair of the Royal Microscopical Society Engineering Section. She is also an expert in Emerging Technologies in the European Commission.

Dr Kate Berseneva

Co-founder STEMM Global

Dr Kate Berseneva is a researcher at the Sorbonne University and a co-founder of STEMM Global Scientific Society,. Kate is exploring the intersection of the Artificial intelligence, fine arts and new digital art. Till late 2021 she leaded the AI and ML research at STEMM Research Hub. The STEMM AI Lab’s research interests extend from the development of high-accuracy computational calculations and the integration of machine learning and AI into the real-word ecosystems of fintech, healthcare, art and communications.

Since 2003, Kate has been conducting research in fundamental theoretical physics and machine-learning algorithms and providing tech consulting at the top-ranked research institutions the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Max Planck Society, and St. Petersburg State University, as well as within Russia’s oil and gas industry. She is also a co-founder of a number of successful start-ups in different technological and business sectors.